Getting a driver’s license

9/5/13:  I have had my feet on the ground for two days and I still feel overwhelmed by everything – the ‘deer in the headlights’ look.  Jason is scheduled to be out of town next week and the car we had shipped from the States is to arrive next week.  So he would like me to get my driver’s license in order to pick up the car from the Customs office in Böblingen.  What?!!  Is he insane?  Couldn’t we just leave the car there until he returns from his business trip?

Driving in Germany is quite a bit different from driving in the States.  The roads are extremely narrow, the signage is different, and some of the basic rules of the road are different.  I’m sure I still have jet lag.  This is a bad idea…

Nonetheless, I have read the driver’s manual the base provides, in English, and I sat through the 3 hour video/lecture/discussion before the test was administered.  I passed with 97% but you could score 85% and still pass, which is a bit disconcerting.  Shouldn’t we have to know everything about driving in Germany?  Even with my score, I don’t feel adequately equipped to safely be behind the wheel.  Really, public transportation is a GREAT idea!  I’m sure with the bus and train system here, I can get anywhere.


2 thoughts on “Getting a driver’s license

  1. thatfwordblog

    That seems easy enough. I always thought we had to do it in German. So I’m left wondering if you have driven yet? Aussies also drive on the right hand side so that makes me even more nervous!

    1. terrimoore65 Post author

      I think this method of getting a driver’s license is specific to those who have some type of affiliation with the United States Armed Forces. Although we aren’t in Germany in a military capacity, this is one area in which we are supported by the US military. I have been driving for over 6 months and feel much more confident. I find I still have to give a lot of thought to all the variations/possibilities surrounding priority roads and who has priority when. Other than traffic laws, I find the biggest adjustment to be that Germans drive with their brake whereas Americans drive with the accelerator. That probably doesn’t even make sense! Overall, I find the Germans to be very good drivers. 🙂


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