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Lacy looking hollowed-out eggs

Easter Egg Market

We visited an Easter Egg market at nearby Maulbronn Monastery on a recent sunny Saturday.

This is what I was expecting:

Stands marketing delightful springtime decorations.

What I experienced, however, was a market set up inside one of the monastery buildings with table after table displaying intricately decorated eggs.  And what a variety!  This takes Easter egg decorating to a whole new level!  There were a few eggs made of wood and porcelain but the vast majority were real eggs, of varying sizes, that had been hollowed out.  Most of the eggs were hand-painted with spring themes such as flowers, butterflies, bunnies, etc., although one stand was devoted to eggs with animal motifs: sleeping cat, dog, horse, etc.  These eggs could be mistaken for stones, perhaps due to the dark earthy colors of paint that completely covered the egg.

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