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Selbst Schneiden


Selbst Schneiden Stand

A common sight in our area of Germany are ‘Selbst Schneiden’ stands.  These are plots of flowers next to the road and normally adjacent to a larger farm field growing a crop.  One cuts the desired flowers and pays at an unattended cash box.  At a single stand there may be a patch of sunflowers, a separate patch of gladioli, a separate patch of iris, etc.  There is a price list based on the type of flowers taken, but the stand is completely unattended and on the honor system to pay for what is cut.  Often the cash box is welded to an oil drum filled with concrete in order to deter thieves.  Some stands even provide scissors for when the visitor isn’t carrying a cutting utensil.  Now that fall has arrived, pumpkin and squash stands are set up in a similar fashion.  The gourds are sorted by type with a sign showing the cost of different varieties.

I marvel over the entire concept because the cynical American in me says this would never work in the United States.  Either the produce and flowers would be taken without making payment or the entire stand would be vandalized.  Perhaps it works in small American communities.  Do any of my American friends have any experience with this?