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Prague, Czech Republic – Day 1

We decided we should take advantage of the 3-day weekend Natalie has due to President’s Day and take a small trip.  We let two 3-day weekends slip away in January without traveling anywhere.  I can’t view those as lost opportunities but rather a reprieve from all the traveling we did over 3 weeks at Christmas!  Therefore, we concluded Prague would be the perfect destination.  It’s a 5 hour drive from Stuttgart and we could hit all the highlights as tourists in two full days.  Hey, we can cram it all in; we’re Americans – likely also known as with ‘Turbo-Tourists!’ 🙂

With the hope of avoiding tons of traffic on our 5 hour drive from Stuttgart to Prague on Friday evening, Jason left work and pulled Natalie out of school early.  On the way home they stopped by ADAC, the German version of AAA, to pick up road maps.  We have become so reliant on our GPS that the road maps were an afterthought; but we are old school and like to see the ‘big picture.’  The helpful staff at ADAC asked if Jason would also like to purchase the vignette permitting us to drive in the Czech Republic.  (The vignette is a sticker placed in the windshield allowing temporary permission to drive on the roads in that country.  It is not cost prohibitive and varies in price according to the length of stay in that country.  Not all countries require them.  If caught without the vignette, the fine is quite steep.)  Vignette?  We need a vignette?  Oops!  Perhaps we aren’t as prepared for this trip as we ought to be…

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