Thanks for visiting!  Why am I blogging?  What do I have to say?IMG_2074

I have kept a journal for much of my life:  recording events, thoughts, feelings, the developmental stages of my children, etc.  Apparently I like to write!  And as I was preparing to move to Germany in 2013, various people suggested I keep a journal.  Additionally, some important people in my life, whose opinions I respect, encouraged me to blog.  Furthermore, I found that when I would email friends and relatives with news of what I was doing, I was repeating various events and it seemed inefficient.  So, my blog will primarily be a journal of experiences that, as an American living in Germany, I find interesting as well as photos and stories of places I visit.   Perhaps with this format, I could later reference places and activities to jog my memory.

I anticipate dating some of my posts but  initially I will not be writing in chronological order.  Somehow the thought of that is daunting since I will feel as if I am never caught up!  It may not matter to the reader, but will be more of a tool for me in keeping events straight.

Now that I’m actually considering writing something that would be available for anyone to see, I am filled with trepidation…

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